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With OCMI Workers Comp Company, you’re in control of your earnings! Our program pays 50% of Net Margin on the Admin & Workers Comp side. NOT just the admin fee like our competitor, which is the equivalent of 10% up to 20% of premium or 2% to 8% of a companies payroll.



“With OCMI Workers Comp Company – You Are In Control of Your Earnings!”


OCMI Workers Comp Company offers the most innovative and lucrative commission plan in the industry. Our “ADVANTAGE GATEWAY” Commission Program enables the producer to control and accelerate the amount of commissions earned on each account. Our program pays 50% of Net Margin, which is the equivalent of 10% up to 20% of premium.

How does it work?  

It’s simple. We have established a commission plan with three (3) gates. You will start as an “Advantage Producer” which will pay commissions at our entry level. You can increase your commissions by growing your book of business and advancing to the next gate. The more business you write, the higher the gateway and the higher the commission rate on all existing business. As you will soon experience, your performance and loyalty will be highly rewarded.


  • Highest Commissions in the industry – up to 8% of Gross Payroll (Equivalent to 20% of premium)
  • Commissions are fully vested for the life of the account
  • Proprietary software that will manage and track your commission program
  • Commission estimate with each submission
  • On time Commission payments

THE GATES:Advantage Producer: Our entry level gate. Commissions will be paid at 30% of net margin. Advantage Gold Producer: You will enter this gate when you have produced a minimum of 2.5 million in annualized gross payroll. You will be rewarded 40% of net margin.

Advantage Platinum Producer: Our ultimate gate for the ultimate producer. You will enter this gate when your book has reached a minimum of $5 million in annualized gross payroll. You will be rewarded 50% of net margin.


We handle our new brokers with care over the phone or in person, not with an online application! If your interested in joining the OCMI team as a broker please give us a call.You can speak with Oscar Montenegro @ 1-305-224-2185. He will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns. We offer training classes to all of our brokers if you feel you need it so you can learn about our wide variety of Workers Compensation and payroll services. Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!